September 23, 2009

Why to choose stock investment?

If you are interested in learning the fundamentals of investing, you have come to the right place. My primary objective is to educate the people how to invest in the stock market and other investment opportunities and to grow your money 2-3 times faster than other conventional investment options like saving or postal or fixed deposit accounts. The information here will help you to better understand the stock trading and other investment opportunities which definitely will help you to create your wealth with low risk and high interest.

Why stock investment keeps attracting the small or large investors?

1) Investment is always important to beat the inflation. In short inflation means the depreciation of currency as the time passes and you have to manage your investment in such a way that it could earn interest more than the usual rate of depreciation or currency.

2) This is the only methods of investment in which you can make your money double or even triple in very short span of time may be in year or six months.

3) Liquidity is very high in share or stock investment. By liquidity I mean, you can sell or buy stocks any point of time and it will hardly takes few minutes with your online demat account.

4) Its very handy to maintain your stock and investment funds as you can do it by just clicking your computer and not like other investment. For e.g. to invest in gold you have to go to shop and buy it and in need of cash again go to shop to sell it, see stock investment is very convenient.

5) There are varieties of investment option available as there are different kinds of stocks. For e.g. stock of different companies, different sector of economy and you can shift to any other stock of your choice instantly. This is not possible in other investment like gold or property.

6) The most important and fascinating part of stock investment is, it can be started from lowest amount. For e.g. from $100 onwards you can buy stock or share of any company you like, isn’t it great?

If you think all the above advantages influenced you enough to invest in share or stock investment then just wait for my second post in which I will provide you few tips to choose for right stock with minimum risks and high interest. Till then I will wait for your feedback as how do you like it and if not then why?